My name is Sol, and I am a creative specializing in content production and social media management. My work ranges from college athletics to the NFL, and I am currently working as a Student Creative Intern for the Western Washington University Vikings, on my way to earning a BA in Communications and a Minor in Anthropology at the school. Alongside this, I am employed remotely as a Marketing Communications Intern for Washington Youth Soccer, and am doing work periodically as a freelance graphic designer for the Seattle Seahawks.
I started working in the sports media field in 2019. I played both soccer and baseball at a high level all my life up until the end of high school, where unfortunate circumstances prevented me from continuing my journey as an athlete. As someone who absolutely adored sports, I found that what I had lost in playing the games I loved could be gained back by pursuing a career in athletics. That, paired with my love for cameras and design, quickly molded into the shape of an internship at my school, and my career as a creative began. 

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